Here I will share my photography, which usually inspires many of my art projects.
Aug 212014

Here is some of the photography that I took during my walks on August 14, 2014.

The video above shows the sights that I encountered on my walk.

Aug 212014

Here are some pictures I have taken from my recent hikes here in Southern California.

Aug 202014

I love hiking in Southern California whenever I get the chance. These lovely pictures remind me of how I need to go on a hike real soon.

Aug 072014

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Over the last few days I have been taking pictures of the sunset and the moon in the sky around that time of day.  I enjoy taking photographs during sunset, but my favorite ones tend to be more vibrant.  Unfortunately, none of the sunsets have been spectacular like the one I encountered last Friday night.

Aug 042014

The rainstorm has finally passed, and I decided to take some pictures of the clouds in the sky this morning.  I was hoping it would be a bit more dazzling like after some rain storms, but the clouds were interesting in a more muted way.


I also took some pictures of the liquidambar tree and a honeysuckle bush.  On the sidewalk I spotted a green liquidambar pod that had fallen after the rainstorm, which I thought looked quite beautiful.


Aug 042014

I love to take photographs when I go on a walk in the evening near a field here in Southern California.

In this post I am also included a video I created of the Liquidambar styraciflua pods, which are green and still hanging from the tree in early August.

I also created a video of a bird flying above the field where I like to go for walks.

Aug 022014

Here are some pictures I have taken of the sunset here in Southern California over the last two days.

This video is a combination of footage I took from two different nights of the sunset.

Aug 022014

This summer it has been enjoyable having the hollyhock plant blooming in the container garden land, which is what I call my small patio where all the plants in containers are. Irina the cat likes to hang out there, so I also like to refer to it as her container garden land.



Aug 012014

This afternoon I took another walk here in Southern California, and captured images that appealed to me.  I love walking in the late afternoon, and there is always something on interest, even when I walk past a familiar spot.