Here I will share my photography, which usually inspires many of my art projects.
Jan 292015

#train #southerncalifornia

At around seven in the morning, I captured this image of the train going by. This was just a cargo train, but it reminded me of jow convenient it would be once high speed rail comes to our city. Unfortunately, this will probably not happen for awhile.

Jan 282015

The one place I will always feel the most connected to is the San Bernardino Mountains.  I grew up there, and even though I prefer living in the city, I do enjoy living close to where I can gaze up at the mountains each day.  Years ago when I lived out on the California/Arizona border, I missed seeing my traverse mountain range each day on the horizon.  What is a traverse mountain range, you ask?  As much as I love looking at palm trees in the Inland Valley, my heart will always be drawn aloft to the pines on the mountains above.

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