The Chocolately Flavored Smoothie

Chocolatey flavored smoothie has #bananas, #peanutbutter, #almondmilk, #pineapple, #spinach, and #carobpowder.  I sliced a #strawberry to put in top.

I love chocolate, but I also enjoy the flavor of carob powder, which is quite reminiscent of chocolate. People who are unable to consume chocolate might enjoy making a smoothie with carob powder, like I did when I pureed bananas, spinach, almond milk, and pineapple to make this lovely drink. I sliced a strawberry on top of the smoothie to add a pop of color.

A Day In The Life of Irina The Cat

This morning Irina the cat started off by being vocal in her desire to frolic outside.

After Irina goes outside for a few minutes she always wants to come in. She settles down to a nap on the arm of the couch.



Here is the video of Irina just sitting on the couch arm looking out the window. I love cats because they are quite happy simply gazing at vegetation, and are not worried about the minutiae that us humans populate our minds with.

Another View of the Assitencia

The Mission Bell At The Asistencia

I need to brush up on my Spanish, and I keep meaning to actually study it. I know that is know excuse, but Google translate came to the rescue. The sign mentions camino real, which means highroad in English. Asistencia in translated into assistance in English, but what do all these words mean put together? Essentially, this place was an outpost of the Mission San Gabriel, but this version of the building is a republication of the original, which is no longer standing. It is quite a picturesque setting, and I remember we used to come on mini-field trips here in elementary school.

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