A To Z Challenge Theme: Vegan Food And Photography In Southern California


My A To Z Challenge Theme has to do with vegan food and photography in Southern California. The Pinnacles up in the San Bernardino Mountains are the backdrop for this scene.
My A To Z Challenge theme has to do with vegan food and photography in Southern California. The Pinnacles up in the San Bernardino Mountains are the backdrop for this scene.

This might not sound like a cohesive theme, but it describes two things I enjoy: vegan food and photography. Since I live Southern California, this location influences what I write about. Over time I have become ethical vegan who also appreciates the health benefits of this lifestyle, which impacts so many other aspects of my life. Even before becoming a vegan two years ago I was semi-vegetarian, so the way I look has always had a veggie-influenced perspective.

Now that I am a vegan I have applied this to many aspects of my life. Being a vegan means I am learning to appreciate the small things in life more than ever, such as admiring a bird fly through the air, or how the late afternoon casts golden light on the trees.

Via my photography I share vegan food ideas, which are not boring in my book. The flavors of a vegan smoothie or potato bake are sensational, and I enjoy posting via my photography, and sometimes my artwork. Also, since I live in Southern California I will take you along on my bike rides and hikes through this region.
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  1. Even though I am definitely not a Vegan, I enjoy all your posts, including those about food. As I am an omnivore, I can appreciate all kinds of food, including your very interesting smoothies and potato bakes. In fact, potato dishes are a real weakness with me. i try to limit carbs, but potatoes are delicious!

    1. I find I do good with potatoes, but I limit other carbs, like processed breads. I had also tried some things recently like Clif bars, but I just feel that these add too many extra calories, unless I am super active that day.

    2. I wonder how Bow would like Clif bars. It seems like something he might enjoy, occasionally. He is really active, and it would give him extra energy. The ingredients are not too bad, and the chocolate coconut one is really good.

        1. They list the ingredients for different ones on the clif bar website. But these are sold at most stores, so you can decide like them for yourself. My friend who is not a vegan loves these because she is busy on her feet all day, but I find these are only good if you are super active as they do have more calories than the average candy bar.

          1. I actually saw them yesterday at the store. I think we would like them. as they seem to contain lots of seeds and nuts and would appear to be higher in fat and lower in sugar than most candy bars. But… they are expensive.

          2. You can get them on sale at Costco, or maybe even Walmart. They have organic GMO ingredients, and you are right, they are pricey.

    1. I think it was just an easy step for me because I grew up semi-vegetarian, and even though I used to think I liked chicken, I never liked preparing it. The last time I tried to eat meat in 2013 I prepared a turkey, and it made me feel sad. For hours I just did not enjoy handling the meat, and I also thought I did not like the texture of it after I baked it. I stopped eating meat then, but I have become more ethical in my feelings about veganism now. Today I think being vegan is pretty easy with all the new products out there. There is a product called Beyond Meat, which creates burgers that even omnivores say taste pretty real. Also, a lot of people who still eat meat do occasionally try a meat free day or two, such as on Meatless Mondays.

    1. I am sure your daughter has some good recipes to share. I just happen to like photography, and photographing the world around us just happens, so I made this simple yet meaningful theme for myself.

  2. This is an interesting theme and I’ll look forward to seeing how the two merge. I need some good vegan tips and recipes so will keep my eye out for your posts next month. Have fun with the A-Z.

    Michele at Angels Bark

    1. The two merge in that I just write about the two topics. I do not consider it 100% cohesive, but it is a theme that covers things I care about. I enjoy reading vegan blogs, and sharing my ideas, if these are inspirational to anyone, that is the bonus.

  3. Nice post, Julia. I miss the sound of the surf. I lived in Redondo for 30 years, now in Delaware. I loved hearing the sound of the surf at night, especially. Miss it. Many of my posts in the 2016 A-Z theme, “From Sea to Shining Sea” are about California — the mountains and the beach. I have a friend who lives in Wildemar who is a staunch vegan; though I eat little meat, I am not vegan.

    Again, nice to meet you on the A-Zs.

  4. Hi Julia. I can see you are passionate about your vegan lifestyle. I was a vegetarian for about five years when I was about 30 years old. Not a vegan. Won’t go into why I stopped, but sometimes wish I didn’t. But I have been studying nutrition during that entire time and continue to eat very well. I’ve even worked with a young Spanish nutritionist on a book proposal and helped her self-publish a book called The Yogurt Diet. I’ve also been taking supplements for some 40 years and have exercised hard all my life until my knees finally went. I still exercise, though don’t run any more. Guess the point is that I’m 73 now, have never had a medical problem and have never taken a single prescription drug. There’s no doubt that good nutrition works. Keep blogging about food and diet and hopefully more people will get the message.

    1. That is good you believe in health and nutrition. Beyond the health benefits I have experienced with veganism, there is also an ethical stance behind why I choose this lifestyle. Just knowing what happens to even dairy cows and egg laying chickens was the final straw that made me decide to become a vegan. It is a great lifestyle when done right, but you have to eat more of a plant based lifestyle, not a vegan junk food one. I think some people think veganism means just because it is not animal derived it is okay to eat oreos, soda, and fries, and that is not a good idea. Dr. Barnard is an inspiration for me, and I also admire Jack Norris.

  5. Thanks for coming by to my blog. I really like the combination – vegan and photography. Will definitely be following to catch up. I am not vegan. But I am curious and would like to learn more.

    1. Even if you are not vegan, I think vegan options can be fun when you do not want to make meat. Some people just do meatless Monday, and it is a good way to start the week with a light and simple meal.

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