A Hummingbird In The Container Garden

A sweet little hummingbird in the backyard.

A sweet little hummingbird sat on a planter cage in the container garden.

This hummingbird has a few red patches on the neck.

This is a short slideshow of the sweet little hummingbird sitting on the planting cage.

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Watch the hummingbird flick his head back and forth in the video below.

Northern Mockingbird With Berry In The Beak

The other day on a walk I spotted a bird perched on a sign, so I zoomed in to capture the scene before the fowl flew away. I wish the image of the northern mockingbird had been more in focus, but I was elated to discover this creature was holding a red berry in the beak.

A northern mockingbird with a red berry in the beak.


The second image of the northern mockingbird is more grainy, but it gives you an idea of what this bird looks like in urban Southern California. There are many bushes and trees in our slightly more open areas since many places are still undeveloped, and our landscaping includes many trees. We are also near the mountains and deserts, so birds seem to thrive here.

Sunflowers Growing In The Storm Drain

Sunflowers are growing through out the storm drain now that it is late August.
I love the vibrant color of the sunflowers.
These wild sunflowers are smaller than domesticated ones.
The flowers have skinny slender stems, which cause the flowers to droop down slightly.
These flowers are more exquisite in their uncultivated state than roses from the florist.
Sunflowers next to wild brush and rocks.
The bright petals of the sunflowers always perk me up.

A short video of the sunflowers in the storm drain.

The Wild Sunflowers

Sunflowers growing in a storm drain.

The wild sunflowers are growing in a storm drain.

The Helianthus californicus, the scientific name for the California sunflower, can grow anywhere, even among barren rocks.

This species of wild sunflowers are drought tolerant and grow almost anywhere, even in a storm drain among rocks.

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A short video of the wild sunflowers, which have smaller blooms than the domestic kind growing in cultivated fields.



The Pink Hollyhock

The pink hollyhock is growing in the container garden.
Some of the pink hollyhock blooms are open, and others are getting ready to bloom.
The pink hollyhock flowers produce a sizeable amount of pollen.
The blooms on the top of the pink hollyhock will open in the next few days.
A couple of days later, the pink hollhock blooms have opened.
Another closeup of the pink hollyhock flowers.


The pink hollyhock only blooms biannually, so I have been so excited it is back.