Irina The Cat Update

Even though this is a blog where I like to share my photography, with writing projects and art projects on my plate, I notice I have not been taking much outside photography these days.  Irina seems to predominate many of the pictures I take, and perhaps the blog  should be renamed for her.  However, I enjoy  taking pictures of everything, so for the meantime this remains a blog about my photography in general, but as of late it has been showcasing my photography of Irina in particular. Here is a recent photograph I took of Irina enjoying an afternoon in the sun in her little container garden.

Late Summer In Southern California

I said I was going to take some time away from blogging, but the truth is I am beginning to miss it, so I decided to update this photography blog with my latest adventures. So what does late summer look like here in Southern California. Who are a few pictures I took on a walk the other day.

During my walk I captured some photographs of trees and flowers in the late summer. I quite enjoy this walking path, and even made a short video of my journey down it.

As I continued to walk along the bike/walking trail, I could not help but think why have they not finished the thing.

Walking On The Trail






Eventually the trail comes to an end and I continued my journey along the sidewalk. I was moved by the large American flag swaying in the wind with the San Bernardino Mountains as a backdrop, so I just had to photograph this.


Also, I captured a short video of the flag swaying in the wind, which is one of the perks of having the San Bernardino Mountains as the vista on the horizon. The late summer here in Southern California is quite lovely, and I am glad we are warm and sunny unlike other parts of the world that are dipping into the chilly portions of fall.