By The Soft Glow of The Orange Candle

The orange candle with translucent wax starting to run down the cylinder.

In the modern world, candles are considered more of a decoration, or a source of illumination during rare power outages. However, I also love the artistic feel of soft candlelight, so I decided to photograph my orange candle in a dark bathroom when I took a break from dusting yesterday. I had actually been dusting my candles and crystal candle holders and realized how seldom these are burnt, so I decided to do an orange candle photo shoot.

The orange candle sits in a crystal candle holder, which reflects the light.
In this photograph, the candle appears almost red.
The purplish blue hue of the flame is apparent in this photograph.

Today I am becoming more interested in candles than I have ever been previously, and I am even considering making a candle out of a real orange. Stay tuned to see if I do it.




2 Replies to “By The Soft Glow of The Orange Candle”

  1. I love candles, too, but I seldom use them, except during an outage. I also seldom dust! I love your candle photos. The pitch black backgrounds makes them seem very romantic.

  2. I am not a big fan of dusting, but I am trying to do it more because my sister complains my shelves look disgusting unless I tidy these up periodically. I tend to get bored when dusting and prolong the task, and end up doing something else for a bit, such as photographing this orange candle. However, I forgot how exciting it is to photograph a candle in the dark, and now I want to try making a candle out of an orange.

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