L Is For Lady Dog

Lady dog looks like she is smiling in this photograph.

My dog Lady has a special place in my life and my heart, and she came to live with me back in 1994. She passed away in 2007, but I will always have fond memories of my beloved dog Lady.

Lady dog's eyes are glowing.
Lady dog’s eyes are glowing.
Lady dog is sitting in her favorite corner.
Lady dog sitting outside on an autumn day with leaves falling off the oak tree.
Lady dog sitting outside on an autumn day with leaves falling off the oak tree.
Lady dog sitting on the couch.
Lady dog sitting on the couch.

K Is For King The Dog

K is for King the dog, who was the puppy of my dog Panda when I was younger. King was a golden knight who followed us around as children, and his eyes appeared as if they were rimmed with kohl eye-liner. My dear friend King was a sweet dog who loved us more than any brother could have, and unlike a real brother, he never teased us.  People scoff at pet owners who treat their dogs and cats like members of the family, but King was definitely my little brother in so many ways, and no one can argue differently.

King the dog on September  23, 1990.
King the dog on September 23, 1990.

G Is For Canadian Geese

Here in Southern California we have some very docile Canadian geese, who love to hang around small pond in the winter months. Here are a couple of pictures that I took around February 13 or so of this year.

The Canadian Geese

A Beautiful Canadian Goose

In the video below I kept referring to the Canadian geese as ducks, but I had to do an online search to figure out the actual name for these birds. I love that these geese were so docile, and it was quite amusing to see people feeding them bread. So have you ever seen tame Canadian geese that came up to people?

I believe all of the Canadian geese have began the migration back north sometime in March.

B Is For Birds

Today the letter B is for birds because I enjoy photographing and drawing these wonderful creatures.


Birds are one of my favorite things to photograph, and here is a video I also took of the same bird above. I wish I could identify this bird, but I am going to have to keep searching to try and find its species. Update: someone commenting below tells me the bird is probably the black phoebe, and it does look quite like it.

Here are a few more pictures I have captured of these wonderful creatures over the years.

The photo of the bird above is of a crow flying aloft up in the San Bernardino Mountains.  I enjoy taking photos of birds as they are in flight. Update: the bird might be a turkey buzzard, of which I know a few visit the San Bernardino Mountains.

Above are two photographs I took of chickadees eating bird seed up in the San Bernardino Mountains. One of my fond memories as a child was putting out bird seed during the winter months and watching all of our feathered friends (usually the chickadees) congregate with socialize and eat. These photographs of birds bring back memories, and every time I see a chickadee, I remember how I used to feed them as a child. What is your favorite bird to photograph?