The Hummingbird And The Pink Hollyhocks

Today I noticed a hummingbird was drinking nectar from the pink hollyhocks.
Today I noticed a hummingbird was drinking nectar from the pink hollyhocks.

The hummingbird appeared after the heavy rainstorms we had yesterday. This morning it was sunny, but torrential rains arrived around two this afternoon. It was quite unexpected to see a hummingbird flitting between the hollyhocks and the new morning glory vines.

After the hummingbird spent a few minutes around the hollyhocks, it flew to the top of the patio ceiling, and touched the surface with his bill. I do not know if the hummingbird is male or female, but for the purposes of this blog I decided to refer to the bird as being male.

The hummingbird touched his bill to the ceiling.
The hummingbird touched his bill to the ceiling.

The Black Phoebe

Black Phoebe Bird

Today I spotted a black phoebe bird sitting on the fence next to the morning glory flowers.

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The white morning glory flower was a beautiful contrast to the charcoal gray tones of the black phoebe, which is not exactly black.

In the video above you can watch the little phoebe bird before it decides to hop off the fence.

Edgar The Egret On The Railroad Tracks

Edgar the egret sauntering down the railroad tracks.
Edgar the egret sauntering down the railroad tracks.

Today I was riding my bike when I spotted an egret that was roaming around on the railroad tracks. Do not worry because these tracks have not been in operation since the 1960’s, so the egret was quite safe sauntering down the line. He seemed to be quite jaunty, so I decided to name him Edgar the Egret. You can watch his little video below. I caught this video with my phone, so I did not have my nicer camera to zoom in with. This is another reason I really should carry my camera around with me. However, I noticed that people are publishing books on how to use your smart phones for photography, so perhaps there will be a day the smart phone will have a good enough zoom to capture all the minute details of an egret in the distance.

Crow Perched On A Telephone Wire

The things that mesmerized me as a child in 1982 continue to captivate me to this day, such as a crow perched on a telephone wire.

G Is For Canadian Geese

Here in Southern California we have some very docile Canadian geese, who love to hang around small pond in the winter months. Here are a couple of pictures that I took around February 13 or so of this year.

The Canadian Geese

A Beautiful Canadian Goose

In the video below I kept referring to the Canadian geese as ducks, but I had to do an online search to figure out the actual name for these birds. I love that these geese were so docile, and it was quite amusing to see people feeding them bread. So have you ever seen tame Canadian geese that came up to people?

I believe all of the Canadian geese have began the migration back north sometime in March.

B Is For Birds

Today the letter B is for birds because I enjoy photographing and drawing these wonderful creatures.


Birds are one of my favorite things to photograph, and here is a video I also took of the same bird above. I wish I could identify this bird, but I am going to have to keep searching to try and find its species. Update: someone commenting below tells me the bird is probably the black phoebe, and it does look quite like it.

Here are a few more pictures I have captured of these wonderful creatures over the years.

The photo of the bird above is of a crow flying aloft up in the San Bernardino Mountains.  I enjoy taking photos of birds as they are in flight. Update: the bird might be a turkey buzzard, of which I know a few visit the San Bernardino Mountains.

Above are two photographs I took of chickadees eating bird seed up in the San Bernardino Mountains. One of my fond memories as a child was putting out bird seed during the winter months and watching all of our feathered friends (usually the chickadees) congregate with socialize and eat. These photographs of birds bring back memories, and every time I see a chickadee, I remember how I used to feed them as a child. What is your favorite bird to photograph?