O Is For Orange Lantana

Today I was riding my bike home and I spotted a bush with orange flowers that have several different shades of this hue. Some parts of the flower are red-orange, and other parts are more of a bright orange.  These vibrant flowers were growing next to the base of a palm tree, which is one of my favorite things to photograph and draw.

Orange lantana flowers growing next to the base of a palm tree.
Orange lantana flowers growing next to the base of a palm tree.

I like the contrast of the ridges on the gray trunk of the palm tree juxtapose to the vibrant hue of the lantana flowers.

Above is a short video I captured of the lantana flowers with my phone. Every day it surpises how good the modern cameras are on phones in comparison to the flip phones of ten years ago.

I Like Hollyhocks

This summer it has been enjoyable having the hollyhock plant blooming in the container garden land, which is what I call my small patio where all the plants in containers are. Irina the cat likes to hang out there, so I also like to refer to it as her container garden land.



Many Different Shades of Morning Glories

During the month of August I have been enjoying a profusion of color with many different shades morning glories from blue-violet, magenta, light blue, and white. I planted a few seeds from a dollar package of mixed colored morning glories, and I have to say with daily watering this has been a great investment with the beauty these flowers provide each morning when I wake up.

Morning Glories In The Summer


Morning glories are resplendent and vibrant on the vine.

Get up early in the morning, and you get to look upon these blooms that are divine.

Every morning I enjoy getting up and looking at the magnificent morning glory blooms.  It is one of my favorite rituals these days, but you have to catch these flowers before noon!