Sunflowers Growing In The Storm Drain

Sunflowers are growing through out the storm drain now that it is late August.
I love the vibrant color of the sunflowers.
These wild sunflowers are smaller than domesticated ones.
The flowers have skinny slender stems, which cause the flowers to droop down slightly.
These flowers are more exquisite in their uncultivated state than roses from the florist.
Sunflowers next to wild brush and rocks.
The bright petals of the sunflowers always perk me up.

A short video of the sunflowers in the storm drain.

The Wild Sunflowers

Sunflowers growing in a storm drain.

The wild sunflowers are growing in a storm drain.

The Helianthus californicus, the scientific name for the California sunflower, can grow anywhere, even among barren rocks.

This species of wild sunflowers are drought tolerant and grow almost anywhere, even in a storm drain among rocks.

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A short video of the wild sunflowers, which have smaller blooms than the domestic kind growing in cultivated fields.



The Pink Hollyhock

The pink hollyhock is growing in the container garden.
Some of the pink hollyhock blooms are open, and others are getting ready to bloom.
The pink hollyhock flowers produce a sizeable amount of pollen.
The blooms on the top of the pink hollyhock will open in the next few days.
A couple of days later, the pink hollhock blooms have opened.
Another closeup of the pink hollyhock flowers.


The pink hollyhock only blooms biannually, so I have been so excited it is back.

The Hummingbird And The Pink Hollyhocks

Today I noticed a hummingbird was drinking nectar from the pink hollyhocks.
Today I noticed a hummingbird was drinking nectar from the pink hollyhocks.

The hummingbird appeared after the heavy rainstorms we had yesterday. This morning it was sunny, but torrential rains arrived around two this afternoon. It was quite unexpected to see a hummingbird flitting between the hollyhocks and the new morning glory vines.

After the hummingbird spent a few minutes around the hollyhocks, it flew to the top of the patio ceiling, and touched the surface with his bill. I do not know if the hummingbird is male or female, but for the purposes of this blog I decided to refer to the bird as being male.

The hummingbird touched his bill to the ceiling.
The hummingbird touched his bill to the ceiling.