O Is For Open Spaces

Today the letter O is for open spaces because I am continuing to share the photographs I took on my hike up in the San Bernardino Mountains. Personally, I enjoy nature since I grew up in the mountains, and it is comforting to see trees, rocks, wild flowers, chaparral, and other plant and animal life can be found out in the open during a hike.

Just going on a little hike up in the San Bernardino Mountains.
Just going on a little hike up in the San Bernardino Mountains.

D Is For Daisies

D is for daisies that I see during my walks. Actually, lately I have been bicycling down a local trail where these daisies are blooming, but I still have time to stop and photograph these. The bold and inviting colors are quite refreshing to see on a spring day, and I will never grow tired of seeing daisies.

I enjoy the vibrant hue of orange and yellow daisies, and look forward to seeing these pleasant flowers each day. What is your favorite flower to photograph?

Here is a video I created of the orange and yellow daisies I spotted the other day. These flowers remind me of a sunburst with their profusion of joyful color. If you have not figured out anything about me thus far, one thing I will share is that I love bright colors.

Many Different Shades of Morning Glories

During the month of August I have been enjoying a profusion of color with many different shades morning glories from blue-violet, magenta, light blue, and white. I planted a few seeds from a dollar package of mixed colored morning glories, and I have to say with daily watering this has been a great investment with the beauty these flowers provide each morning when I wake up.

Photographing Morning Glory Flowers

I have a special place for morning morning glories in my heart.  I created a painting back in October of 2010 of a little gray cat sitting next to a morning glory flower, which is based on a photograph I took of morning glories planted in my mom’s garden up in the San Bernardino Mountains.  Actually, I wish I had taken a picture of Buster dog standing next to the morning glories over ten years ago because this was the fondest memory that I ever had of these flowers.  Maybe someday I will also paint a picture of Buster next to a morning glory, but for the present I enjoy photographing these blooms.   Over the years I have taken many pictures of morning glories.


A self-portrait with morning glories in the background.

Many green worms have been chewing on the morning glory plant this summer, so I am glad the flowers were able to bloom.

Rose Photography

The other day I took  a photograph of roses in the late afternoon.

Here is another photograph that I took, which features two roses


In this photograph I was looking down on some lovely pink roses.

The roses are in various phases of the blooming cycle.

This rosebud is a crown glory, and makes us ordinary floral lovers feel like royalty just by gazing at it.

This pink beauty is a rose worth waiting for.