Morning Glories In The Summer


Morning glories are resplendent and vibrant on the vine.

Get up early in the morning, and you get to look upon these blooms that are divine.

Every morning I enjoy getting up and looking at the magnificent morning glory blooms.  It is one of my favorite rituals these days, but you have to catch these flowers before noon!

Photographing Morning Glory Flowers

I have a special place for morning morning glories in my heart.  I created a painting back in October of 2010 of a little gray cat sitting next to a morning glory flower, which is based on a photograph I took of morning glories planted in my mom’s garden up in the San Bernardino Mountains.  Actually, I wish I had taken a picture of Buster dog standing next to the morning glories over ten years ago because this was the fondest memory that I ever had of these flowers.  Maybe someday I will also paint a picture of Buster next to a morning glory, but for the present I enjoy photographing these blooms.   Over the years I have taken many pictures of morning glories.


A self-portrait with morning glories in the background.

Many green worms have been chewing on the morning glory plant this summer, so I am glad the flowers were able to bloom.

Rose Photography

The other day I took  a photograph of roses in the late afternoon.

Here is another photograph that I took, which features two roses


In this photograph I was looking down on some lovely pink roses.

The roses are in various phases of the blooming cycle.

This rosebud is a crown glory, and makes us ordinary floral lovers feel like royalty just by gazing at it.

This pink beauty is a rose worth waiting for.