Walking In The San Bernardino Mountains

The oak branch hanging down frames the view of this tree laden hillside up in the San Bernardino Mountains.

One of my favorite pass times is taking pictures on my nature walks up in the San Bernardino Mountains.

The Coulter pine is the first thing I spot walking down the forest trail.
There are many holes burrowed into the Coulter pine tree, which is where the woodpeckers store their food for winter.
The forest trail continues downhill into a bend.
A small manzanita bush with red berries.
Looking through the trees and bushes to the hills in the distance.
A tree stump on the hillside.
Another bend in the forest road covered with scrub oak acorns.
A magnificent scrub oak tree in the forest. This is the tree that dropped many of the acorns on the trail.
An oak branch hanging down with the view of a tree filled hillside in the distance.

This video is a walk through the San Bernardino Mountains on Christmas Day 2017.



The Wild Sunflowers

Sunflowers growing in a storm drain.

The wild sunflowers are growing in a storm drain.

The Helianthus californicus, the scientific name for the California sunflower, can grow anywhere, even among barren rocks.

This species of wild sunflowers are drought tolerant and grow almost anywhere, even in a storm drain among rocks.

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A short video of the wild sunflowers, which have smaller blooms than the domestic kind growing in cultivated fields.



By The Soft Glow of The Orange Candle

The orange candle with translucent wax starting to run down the cylinder.

In the modern world, candles are considered more of a decoration, or a source of illumination during rare power outages. However, I also love the artistic feel of soft candlelight, so I decided to photograph my orange candle in a dark bathroom when I took a break from dusting yesterday. I had actually been dusting my candles and crystal candle holders and realized how seldom these are burnt, so I decided to do an orange candle photo shoot.

The orange candle sits in a crystal candle holder, which reflects the light.
In this photograph, the candle appears almost red.
The purplish blue hue of the flame is apparent in this photograph.

Today I am becoming more interested in candles than I have ever been previously, and I am even considering making a candle out of a real orange. Stay tuned to see if I do it.