By The Soft Glow of The Orange Candle

The orange candle with translucent wax starting to run down the cylinder.

In the modern world, candles are considered more of a decoration, or a source of illumination during rare power outages. However, I also love the artistic feel of soft candlelight, so I decided to photograph my orange candle in a dark bathroom when I took a break from dusting yesterday. I had actually been dusting my candles and crystal candleholders and realized how seldom these are burnt, so I decided to do an orange candle photoshoot.

The orange candle sits in a crystal candle holder, which reflects the light.
In this photograph, the candle appears almost red.
The purplish blue hue of the flame is apparent in this photograph.

Today I am becoming more interested in candles than I have ever been previously, and I am even considering making a candle out of a real orange. Stay tuned to see if I do it.




Stripey Cat

Stripey the cat sits near a wood fence on a late fall day.

Stripey the cat is my parents’ cat, and the only one they have left since Bobby and Annie have passed away. She adopted them back in the fall of 2010 when some weekenders left her behind. She was the sweetest little kitten.

Stripey kitten back in October of 2010.


Stripey cat is sniffing the fresh autumn air.
Oak leaves surround Stripey cat where she sits.
The stripes on this large kitty are my favorite part of her.