Stripey Cat

Stripey the cat sits near a wood fence on a late fall day.

Stripey the cat is my parents’ cat, and the only one they have left since Bobby and Annie have passed away. She adopted them back in the fall of 2010 when some weekenders left her behind. She was the sweetest little kitten.

Stripey kitten back in October of 2010.


Stripey cat is sniffing the fresh autumn air.
Oak leaves surround Stripey cat where she sits.
The stripes on this large kitty are my favorite part of her.

The View Of Mount Baldy Through Tree Branches

The view of Mount Baldy through the pine trees in the San Bernardino Mountains
The view of Mount Baldy through the tree branches San Bernardino Mountains.


Mount Baldy is lightly glazed with snow. The mountain range is visible through the oak tree branches up in the San Bernardino Mountains.
A blurry oak tree branch in the foreground, with snow on top of Mount Baldy in the distance.

This video is a walk up in the San Bernardino Mountains, where I photographed the view of Mount Baldy.