Q Is For The Question About What To Wear

Wearing the Lady dog shirt with a lacy tan colored skirt.
Wearing the Lady dog shirt with a lacy tan colored skirt.

Today the letter Q stands for the question about what to wear. Women are often accused of spending too much time staring at a closet full of clothes, and saying that they have nothing to wear. However, in all fairness I think there are many men who are indecisive when it comes to fashion.

One way to get over the dilemma of always asking yourself what to wear is to create a wardrobe with outfits that you actually enjoy wearing. Over the last few years I have been creating shirts with my own artwork because these are items I actually like to wear. Each shirt has a special meaning to me. The Lady dog shirt features my colored pencil drawing of my childhood dog Lady.  I would rather wear a shirt that has meaning to me than follow the fashion trends. Actually, I think the blogsophere has been a great thing because these days people with unique fashion sense are able to share their style with a larger audience.

B Is For The Black And White Selfie

A self-portrait with black and white effects.
A self-portrait with black and white effects.

In the last few years selfies have become all the rage on sites like Instagram, but I was taking pictures of myself back when these were still called self-portraits. I think selfies can be a fun way to document your adventures, and I never understood the extreme amount of antipathy people have towards these. As with all things people rail against online, I find it interesting people get so worked up about this and that. My take on selfies is if you do not like these, then do not look at them. I am not a big fan of sports blogs, and I do not look at those. I think a fun selfie of someone with their pet or on a trip is cool, but that is just me.

Selfies are also a creative way to experiment with using black and white photo effects, and no one can really complain about how the pictures turn out since you are your own model. I have always been fascinated with the types of selfies people take, and I find ones in black and white intriguing. Also, I have used a self-portrait photograph in the past a a reference for a drawing I created of myself, so these can serve a purpose when it comes to art projects. So what is your take on selfies? Do you hate these, love these, or just not really care.

I used a self-portrait as a reference photograph for drawing the illustration in the video featured here.

I Am Doing The A to Z Challenge Again

My name is Julia, and I am doing the A to Z Challenge once again. This blog is about my daily adventures, and how I take pictures of things that strike me.
I am participating in the A to Z Challenge in 2015. This is my blog about my photography, which is something I have enjoyed from a young age.

Last year I did the A to Z Challenge on two blogs, and at the time I thought I would not do it again. However, I decided I am going to take part once more, but to do it with more of a carefree spirit. Last year writing two blogs for the A to Z Challenge was daunting and time-consuming, This year I want to focus on the positivity and fun of blogging. I think it is okay to admit that blogging is one of my favorite things to do, and I also enjoy reading and commenting on other blogs.

Another View of the Assitencia

The Mission Bell At The Asistencia

I need to brush up on my Spanish, and I keep meaning to actually study it. I know that is know excuse, but Google translate came to the rescue. The sign mentions camino real, which means highroad in English. Asistencia in translated into assistance in English, but what do all these words mean put together? Essentially, this place was an outpost of the Mission San Gabriel, but this version of the building is a republication of the original, which is no longer standing. It is quite a picturesque setting, and I remember we used to come on mini-field trips here in elementary school.

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