Chocolate Cake With Tahini and Powdered Sugar Frosting

#chocolate #cake with #frosting made out of #tahini #powdered #sugar, #cinnamon

Last night I decided to make a chocolate cake, and I wanted to create my own frosting for it. I used a bit of milk, powdered sugar, cinnamon, and tahini I had on hand to mix it up into a frosting. The sad thing is my little chopper went kaput while making this frosting, but I really do not think it was up to such a strenuous  task anyway. The plastic mixing bowl for the mini chopper has cracks in it , so it was time to retire this appliance. I can make hummus in my larger blender, but next time I will mix the frosting by hand.

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The cake looks very pretty with the beige colored frosting, and I loved the slightly nutty flavor the tahini gave it.

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