Clouds After The Rainstorm

The Clouds after the rainstorm looked like cotton balls in the sky.

Cotton ball clouds after the rainstorm.
Cotton ball clouds after the rainstorm.
Three doom shaped clouds are in close proximity of each other.
Three dome shaped clouds are in close proximity of each other.
Clouds above the freeway.
Clouds above the freeway.
Blue Sky And Clouds
The contrast between the blue sky and the clouds is visually appealing.
Trees And Dirt Near Freeway
The green trees and dirt near the freeway add a bit more color to this capture.
Rain water flowing down the storm drain.
Rain water flowing down the storm drain.

Little Sunflower Plant
A little plant with yellow flowers that look like sunflowers. I am not sure what it is.
The Sunflower Plant And Wild Grasses Near Water
The little sunflower plant looks tranquil next to the water. Exciting to see water here in Southern California for the first time in a long time.
Clouds Obscured The Mountains
Clouds obscured the view of the San Benardino Mountains.
The clouds looks like a mouse head.
Clouds Look Like A Painting
These clouds look like a painting.
Blue Sky And Billowy Rain Clouds
Blue sky and billowy rain clouds.
Storm Drain And Rain Clouds In The Distance
Another view of the storm drain with the rain clouds in the distance.
Little Palm Tree
A little palm tree growing near the storm drain. It planted itself here.
Verdant Little Palm Fronds
I love the verdant color of the palm fronds.
One Last Picture of The Rain Clouds
I took one last picture of the rain clouds before going home.

4 Replies to “Clouds After The Rainstorm”

  1. I am so glad you finally got some rain! The photos in this post have such brilliant colors, they create a vivid mood, as when everything — all our senses — is heightened and enhanced. Nothing but a storm, a war or being in love can do that!

  2. Gorgeous photos! The sky was so brilliantly blue. It looks like you got a very good rainstorm. We were bypassed by all the wonderful rain clouds that developed to both the north and south of us. Bummer!

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