D Is For Daisies

D is for daisies that I see during my walks. Actually, lately I have been bicycling down a local trail where these daisies are blooming, but I still have time to stop and photograph these. The bold and inviting colors are quite refreshing to see on a spring day, and I will never grow tired of seeing daisies.

I enjoy the vibrant hue of orange and yellow daisies, and look forward to seeing these pleasant flowers each day. What is your favorite flower to photograph?

Here is a video I created of the orange and yellow daisies I spotted the other day. These flowers remind me of a sunburst with their profusion of joyful color. If you have not figured out anything about me thus far, one thing I will share is that I love bright colors.

8 Replies to “D Is For Daisies”

  1. Pretty pictures! I haven’t taken a lot of pictures of flowers, but I do like to look at the flower displays at the local grocery stores and look at all the different colors of roses they have for sale.


    1. I love looking at flower displays at the grocery store as well. Flowers just happen to be one of my favorite things to photograph and draw. I cannot resist!

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