Do More Of What You Enjoy

Last night I was listening to a commentator on YouTube who is very articulate and well read. I do not agree with him on every issue, but I respect when he admitted he would rather tell the truth than make a lot of money. Of course, everyone has a slightly different interpretation of what the truth may be according to their world views, but sometimes the truth is just about doing things that make you happy.

Do less of the things you do not enjoy and more of what you love.
Do less of the things you do not enjoy and more of what you love.

We do not have to do things that make us feel unhappy. It is popular to proclaim “I am taking a social media break,” but lately I find rather than take a break, I just change how I view it. When the telephone first came out it was considered an intrusion, so people had to adapt. The same was true with television. I simply create a boundary line and decide how I want to consume social media. I remember years ago how much fun I had when I first surfed the Internet (flashback terminology), and I can still feel that way when I post photographs and videos of things I enjoy. Of course, most people probably do not want to look at a boulder in the distance when they go on YouTube, but I posted it because I want to, and I think there might be people out there who enjoy that sort of thing.

I remember years ago how exciting it was to explore the Internet when everyone was at a dorm dance the first year of college. I wanted to know what how the Internet worked, so I left the dance and went to investigate the computer lab. That decision did not make me the most popular kid on campus, but I was following my truth in the moment.  A few nerds were there, and one computer savvy guy showed me how the computers could navigate the world wide web. Honestly, I would rather be around those people who were considered social outcasts than the Kim Kardashians of the world.

The Internet can be about sharing opinions on books, history, and many other topics. If the Internet is becoming too contentious, perhaps just switch topics, or take a break. You do not even have to say when you are taking a break. I just take a break and come back later when I feel like it.


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