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    1. I think the boulders added an element of surprise to the Easter egg hunt, and I highly recommend people try to find unique places for these. My niece and nephew have since outgrown wanting to hunt for Easter eggs, but I still have good memories of that day.

  1. Now that’s my idea of an Easter Egg hunt! Around here they make it too simple–hundreds of plastic eggs spread throughout a field where you can see every one from the start. No challenge. And the parents–sheesh! They push and shove and pick up the eggs for their kids so they can “win” the most. Bad form! I have a Holiday Tree set up in my living room that I decorate seasonally, not just at Christmas. I’ve been remiss and haven’t gotten my cinnamon hearts packed up yet to put on the eggs and birds and nests. Maybe this afternoon…Cheers! Gail

    1. I grew up in the mountains, and I think mountain kids are a bit more hardy. We learn how to play in the woods, and kids are expected to become intrepid explorers. Actually, they like too. Maybe this hunt we created for my niece and nephew will inspire people to put the challenge back in Easter egg hunts. It is about the game, not winning the most. Thanks for your nice comment :).

  2. The Pinnacles does sound like a great place for an Easter hunt! I remember when I was growing up, my mom would count the number of eggs she hid so she would make sure we found them all 🙂


    1. We also counted the eggs back when the would do these hunts, and they actually found all on their own. I guess the kids today do not know what real Easter egg hunts are :).

    1. Well I have spotted a real life bear in the woods once, and he was not docile like a bunny. I think they both can be cute, as long as I do not have to be up close to the bear :).

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