Edgar The Egret On The Railroad Tracks

Edgar the egret sauntering down the railroad tracks.
Edgar the egret sauntering down the railroad tracks.

Today I was riding my bike when I spotted an egret that was roaming around on the railroad tracks. Do not worry because these tracks have not been in operation since the 1960’s, so the egret was quite safe sauntering down the line. He seemed to be quite jaunty, so I decided to name him Edgar the Egret. You can watch his little video below. I caught this video with my phone, so I did not have my nicer camera to zoom in with. This is another reason I really should carry my camera around with me. However, I noticed that people are publishing books on how to use your smart phones for photography, so perhaps there will be a day the smart phone will have a good enough zoom to capture all the minute details of an egret in the distance.

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    1. At first I thought he was a pelican, but I had to do some search to find out he was an egret. I loved how he was just walking down the railroad tracks.

  1. That is a very fine photo, even if taken with a cell phone. It’s good the train is not running anymore. I guess you must be close to the sea to have egrets around? It’s a beautiful bird!

    1. I live about 120 miles from the ocean, so it is a several hour flight for them. I think the egrets hang out around here because we have water flowing from the mountains into the storm drains, so there is a bit of water for them. I never noticed egrets as much until recently, but perhaps they have always been here.

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