Exploring Around Loma Linda

Today I decided to take a bike ride up into the hills of Loma Linda because I wanted to explore the area a bit more.  I did find one trail that I might explore a bit more later, but mostly I just wanted to get out because it is only 81 degrees Fahrenheit, and this feels quite cool to me on a mid-June afternoon.  I enjoy the heat, so the eighties are not hot for me at all.


Above are two photos of the train as it passed by a local park. Loma Linda has several parks, and is well known for maintaining open spaces. Below is a video of the train passing the park.

I continued up the road until I reached the park. The view of the San Bernardino Mountains was a bit obscured by the smog, but I can imagine this would be the ideal place to watch the fireworks on the Fourth of July. Hopefully the fireworks will be on a clear night like the day the fourth fell on last year.

View of the San Bernardino Mountains

Here are some photos of the view of the San Bernardino Mountains from Loma Linda.

This video illustrates the view in motion.

I did not go far up this trail, but it looks like a rigorous walk/hike for those who want to incorporate more hills into their exercise routine.  I know biking up the hill to the park gave me a bit of a workout, but being outside is far more invigorating that working out at the gym.  The video below shows a bit of the dirt trail I walked up today.

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