Falling In Love With Morning Glories

I fall in love with morning glories each time a new bloom opens.
I fall in love with morning glories each time a new bloom opens.

It might sounds cheesy to say I fall in love with a flower, but I truly feel inspired every time I see a new morning glory bloom. These flowers are simple enough for anyone to grow in their backyard, and the plants do not need much tending. Below are some morning glory photographs I have captured over the last few days.

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There is also a short video you can watch of a purple morning glory, if you are so inclined.

6 Replies to “Falling In Love With Morning Glories”

  1. I love morning glories because their colours are so beautiful especially this one you captured. The bright magenta starburst inside is striking. Love the little bug just crawling around the flower having fun

    1. I use the vivid feature on my camera, and most pictures were taken around eight to ten in the morning. I think this feature helps the colors to really stand out.

  2. I totally understand what you mean. I love the way it grown wild. The first Spring we lived with the Mama, I threw a couple of packages of morning glory seeds in the front and back yards. We continue to have volunteers in the back. Nothing in the front because the Mama couldn’t handle the way it sprawled about in randomness although she liked the flowers.

    1. Yesterday I spent an hour collecting and pruning my two little morning glory vines, which is a lot of work. I still find the daily offerings of this vine to be quite captivating :).

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