Finally Captured The Woodpecker

I finally captured the woodpecker up in an oak tree, but these birds are quite elusive.
The woodpecker’s face is slightly obscured by an oak branch.
Here I actually captured a photograph of the woodpecker with an acorn in his mouth.
Another closeup with the woodpecker with an acorn in his mouth.

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2 Replies to “Finally Captured The Woodpecker”

  1. That is fascinating! I only thought of woodpeckers as eating bugs that lived in trees. I have never heard of woodpeckers storing acorns! Thanks so much for sharing this.

    1. Worms live inside many acorns, so they get a double whammy. I always knew they stored the acorns in this coulter pine tree, but it took several different times of me tracking down the woodpecker to finally capture him in the act of eating an acorn.

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