G Is For Making The Giraffe Shirt

Sometimes I like to take photographs of things I have created, which is what I did today when I took another self-portrait of myself wearing the giraffe shirt. Two months ago I had my colored pencil drawing printed on this shirt. This shirt was a royal blue color, which complements the navy pencil skirt.


Here I am wearing the giraffe shirt that I created with my original colored pencil drawing.
Here I am wearing the giraffe shirt that I created with my original colored pencil drawing.

In the video below shows How I created the giraffe drawing, which I then turned into a shirt.

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  1. I like your giraffe shirt very much, and it goes really well with the pencil skirt. You are really a master when it comes to zazzle. I tried to get into it a while back, but they demanded really high res images, beyond what I could produce. I do admire all your products.

    1. Hi Aya. I can my artwork, which helps to create the high resolution images for Zazzle. If you have a camera that takes at least 10MB images, then you can get your images to look good enough for Zazzle. The reason they want such high resolution is because it results in clearer prints since most of these are blown up a bit to be bit on shirts.

    1. This photography blog is about how my pictures inspired my art projects, so I often write about things like this. Also, I had a hard time thinking about what to write for the letter G, and the giraffe shirt came to mind.

  2. Very cool giraffe picture. I’m impressed that prismacolor pencils give such depth. I bought blue and yellow pencils two months ago. Your outfits are cute.

    Okay, I must tell you this trivia that I just learned from another blog. Giraffes are the only animals born with horns. How amazing is that. 🙂

    1. Thanks, Su-siee! I love making my own outfits by creating shirts on Zazzle, and it is really a unique way to make a shirt with your own artwork or photograph. I love the tidbits you always bring to this blog, such as the trivia about the giraffe being the only animal born with horns. That is cool :).

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