10 Replies to “H Is For Hiking In The San Bernardino Mountains”

    1. I love the yellow daisies as well. My research tells me these are wooly sunflowers, but sunflowers are part of the daisy family, so very similar. I still think they look like daisies.

  1. It looks so much different to what hiking is like where I have been before (East coast of Australia, New Zealand and the Appalachians). It looks really pretty but maybe not on a really hot day without any cloud cover. Thanks for sharing the photos as it gave me a really good feel for what it is like to hike there.

    Sean at His and Her Hobbies

    1. Southern Californians such as me are very adept to the heat. It was only seventy degrees, and I quite love the heat. This is the desert portion of the mountains, so it is not as verdant with trees as other parts. However, if you go up into Northern Caifornia you can hike in the Sierras, which have so densely wooded areas.

  2. Such a pretty place to hike. Loved the pictures of you getting ready to hike! I absolutely thought the coolest picture was the catepillars coccon! What a great picture!


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