Holding Maxx The Cat

Here I am holding Maxx the cat when I was fourteen years old.
Here I am holding Maxx the cat when I was fourteen years old.

As much as I love Irina the cat, she is not a picky-up cat like Maxx was. Irina will rub against my legs and let me hug her, but she detests being carried around. The cats I raised from kittenhood were used to being held, and they often begged for me to do so. So perhaps some cats you adopt in adulthood enjoy being held if they were from the time as kittens, but I have found that if they are not held from a young age, they are not going to like it as adults. Sometimes I wish Irina would let me hold her. She is so beautiful and very sweet, but not a cat I can give a tummy rub, or walk around with on my shoulder.

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  1. Oh they all have such different personalities. We now have 5! Ughhh Last one was last week that we rescued. The first cat loves to be petted with your foot. The 2nd loves to be picked up, on occasion and on her terms. The 3rd is the lover and loves being picked up and cuddled. The 4th is very fat(rescued and got her that way) and likes to be petted, that’s it. The new one is very affectionate and loves to be near you and get lots of love but, so far, only stays in one’s arms for 20 seconds

  2. Molly the Cat decides when she’ll let any of us hold her, cuddle her, and pat her beneath her chin and on the tippy top of her head. Sometimes she’ll let me pick her up and dance around the room or yard with her. I feel very fortunate when she does.

  3. The kitten in my barn seems content with less contact, which is good for me. it came bounding out from under the barrn to greet me when I returned from my trip.

    1. Irina does not like to be held, and it took awhile for her to warm up to nuzzling with me. I think most cats are pretty intuitive with knowing whether other creatures want them touch cuddle with them. The good thing is most cats are pretty independent.

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