2 Replies to “Irina The Beloved Cat”

  1. I think it is a good thing for both Irina and you that she was free to come and join you. This is one of life’s little ironies. I do not blame whoever abandoned our Brownie, because I do not know the circumstances, and because we feel blessed that Brownie is a part of our lives. We could never have afforded to buy him, and I think that is also something to think about. If what the animal welfare people want — universal neutering and spaying and all dogs and cats born to reputable breeders who sell them at market price — then there would never be a free dog or cat ever again, and only the very wealthy could afford pets.

    1. You make some good points, Aya. I think Irina is probably a pure bred Bombay cat from what I have read, although I am not certain. However, she has the characteristics of one, and I never could have afforded her if I went to purchase her. So in the end everything worked out.

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