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  1. I just like saying Jacaranda, Jacaranda, Jacaranda. I think folks on the next street over had a Jacaranda Tree. it had purple blossoms. They took it down though. Too bad, I enjoyed pedaling my bike by it.

    1. I like how is Australia and South Africa the jacaranda trees bloom during the reverse time of year. Many trees imported from Australia actually do well here.

  2. Pretty. It’s so sad that our trees bloom so beautifully for a couple of weeks in the spring, then the leaves turn pretty for a couple of weeks in the fall, but the rest of the year they’re just plain green or have no leaves at all. Perhaps it’s because it’s so brief that we appreciate it more!


    1. I think in our 24/7 culture we forget not all things are always producing. The beauty of the jacaranda tree, to me, is that it does something extraordinary for a short period of time. Also, I love the barren outline of trees in general, so even if it is plain green or has no leaves, to me that is still an interesting tree. I would rather see a city with trees than urban spaces with no sidewalks and no trees. Glad I live in a place with many jacaranda trees.

  3. I live on the east side of L.A. in Pico Rivera. The neighborhoods around where I live are filled with jacarandas and it’s beautiful when they all start blooming. I guess it’s a bit of a mess when the blooms start falling, but the beauty of it all is worth it I think.

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    1. These trees create little purple pathways. If you are doing a photo shoot it might work out, but landscapers probably do not enjoy cleaning up after the falling petals.

  4. Hi and thanks for popping over to visit … I remember jacarandas from my time in South Africa .. they are stunning in colour .. but I gather non-natives … I used to love October when they came out. So understand your love of them too ..

    You asked about Patron saints of the technological – I’ve no idea I’m afraid!! But I’ll reply in due course when I reply to comments … cheers Hilary

    1. I know that was a silly question about patron saints of technology, but I was really just curious since it seems there is a saint for many things I have never heard of. It was great to hear from you so quickly.

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