K Is For King The Dog

K is for King the dog, who was the puppy of my dog Panda when I was younger. King was a golden knight who followed us around as children, and his eyes appeared as if they were rimmed with kohl eye-liner. My dear friend King was a sweet dog who loved us more than any brother could have, and unlike a real brother, he never teased us.  People scoff at pet owners who treat their dogs and cats like members of the family, but King was definitely my little brother in so many ways, and no one can argue differently.

King the dog on September  23, 1990.
King the dog on September 23, 1990.

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  1. He looks really cute and sweet, a dog with a golden heart. I totally agree, pets ARE part of the family, if they aren’t then there’s something not right. I’m glad you loved him like a brother!
    Andrea, #atozchallenge Mighty Minion Asset

  2. Mom called Nicky (who looked a little like your King,) the dog she and my dad got before kids came, our older sister. And Nicky was always in charge too! I think it is wonderful when families learn together that animals are part of the family.

    Thank you for hopping by my blog today!

    1. That is fun that you had a dog named Nicky that looked a bit like King. I wish everyone treated their pets better rather than just acting like they are not beings with feelings.

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