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    1. I think Irina is close to being a Bombay. Maybe not 100% pure, but she looks and exhibits a lot of the characteristics of one, and the vet said she probably is.

  1. I love cats! I wish we could have one, but wifey has a terrible allergy to cats. And thanks for stopping by with your comment on Karma!

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    1. I did not mean to be so passionate about that, but from personal experience I just learned it is best not to want someone to go through something bad. I was teased when I was younger, which is something people are now just beginning to talking out against, but I would not want someone to go through that. One girl who picked on me was later being picked on, and I knew she had matured and was not that way anymore. Rather than think oh she had it coming, I actually told her she looked nice that day when everyone else was making fun of her. Maybe it is a bit Polyanna to think that way, but there does not need to be strife in the world. Just because someone is a jerk during one encounter does not mean they are person to be written off. We never know the whole story, and it feels unfair to make assumptions based on one encounter. I guess I am just sensitive about that. I understand people like the idea of karma though. I would not want to take that from anyone.

      You can still love cats by looking at cute pictures of them online. There are so many to admire :).

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