16 Replies to “Lilac Flower In April”

  1. I love your picture of the lilac; I notice how each tiny flower in the bunch has just four petals, whereas most of the flowers on my property, many on fruit trees, have five. The delicate pink hue is very becoming, and I bet it smells good, too.

    1. I took this photo of my mom’s lilac tree last year. I adore the way it smells. I always enjoy the pictures of the flowers on your property.

  2. It certainly is. I want to grow lilacs now. I just came from a website that featured wild lilacs. The author said that in Stockholm, these flowers are protected so nobody would pick them.

  3. Oh I love lilacs and their sweet smell is so wonderful. This is a great picture. I love how the light hits the flowers and the deeper purple in some of them

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