M Is For Méiguī Huā

Today the letter M is for méiguī huā, which is the Chinese word for rose. I spotted some roses on a bike ride the other day, and I wondered if there was word for rose in another language that started with M. Google told me that the Romanticized Chinese spelling of rose is méiguī huā, and in Chinese characters it is 玫瑰花.

The Romanticized word for rose is Méiguī.
The Romanticized Chinese word for rose is Méiguī.

Below is a video I made of a bee that was navigating his way around the roses.

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  1. “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” Ha! First commenter to get that one in. Good to see at least one bee up and about. We don’t have much flowers yet up here next to Lake Ontario.

    1. This is so true. I know Lake Ontario is very beautiful, from pictures I have seen, so I will need to pop over to your blog to see if you have posted a few.

  2. Good morning, Julia! What a nice surprise to see Chinese characters in your post this morning! I knew that 花 means flower, but now I know that 玫瑰 refer to the rose flower, thanks to you.

    That is a beautiful rose in the photo you posted, and lovely roses in your video with the bee.

    1. Last night I thought I wish I could write about this beautiful rose I spotted on Sunday, especially since my phone and Google have been creating these amazing photos for me. It is some sort of auto edit, and every time it comes up with something really cool. The rose was especially nice, so I decided to see if any other language had an m word for rose. It just happened to be a nice surprise that the Romanticized version of Chinese word. The characters are very cool, which I would never have known without the help of Google. Once when I was fourteen I drew a picture of a bird and used my calligraphy to copy the Chinese script of the Lord’s Prayer in Chinese characters from a Bible. I thought that was such a cool illustration, and I wonder if I still have it. I cannot read Chinese characters, but I love the beauty of these.

    1. I love riding my bike, and it is always a plus when I go down this trail. It is especially nice since all of the roses are blooming right now.

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