Making Lentils And Rice

Lentils and rice with spinach.
Lentils and rice with spinach.

Lentils and rice is a tasty vegan dish I love to make. I decided to add spinach this time to use up a bit I had in my refrigerator, and it came out quite tasty.

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Yes, a lentils and rice slide show makes me feel happy. I like to take pictures of food, and look at these. No apologies here. So to make the lentils and rice I first sauteed some scallions and chopped red onions in a teaspoon of olive oil. Next, I added the lentils, rice, a tablespoon of lemon juice, chili peppers, and the spinach. I cooked a giant pan that was quite tasty, and ate many large bowls full of lentils and rice.

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    1. I am part Syrian, and lentils and rice was a staple of one of my dad’s favorites growing up. His grandma used to make lentils and rice for him when he visited, and he loved my mom to recreate the dish. I decided to add a bit of spinach since I had some, and it turned out nice.

    1. This is a take on a Syrian dish my dad used to eat growing up. I just added the spinach, but I think it made a nice addition. Lentils are cheap and good, and my grandpa said he used to live on these during college. There is so much versatility in cooking with lentils.

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