Manzanita Berries

Manzanita means little rose in Spanish. These berries have small hairs and a fussy texture.

Years ago when I was a child I tried a few manzanita berries, but I have never consumed any since. These berries were used in dishes by the Serrano tribe that visited the San Bernardino Mountains and were also used as an additive for food preservation. I am curious to pick some berries and make a preserve as I have heard this is quite good. I imagine the manzanita berries might taste similar to the chokecherries as I have heard these are bittersweet.

A cluster of manzanita berries on a bush.
A pair of manzanita berries on the bush.


The manzanita berries were an important food source for the California indigenous people. I want to try my hand at making something with these berries next spring.

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