Mr. Squirrel

Growing up in the San Bernardino Mountains I always spotted many grey squirrels flitting around in the trees. However, their numbers have decreased over the last few years due to notoedric mange. Hopefully their numbers will recover soon, but I was pleasantly surprised to find a few squirrels in a park here in the Inland Valley. The squirrels up in the mountains would always scamper away if I tried to get their picture, but this squirrel actually stayed when I told him not to move so I could capture that picture. I think the squirrel sensed I meant no harm, and wanted his photograph.

A beautiful little gre squirrel.
A beautiful little grey squirrel.
Spotted A Squirrel
I was walking as I spotted a squirrel at the base of the tree. He moved to the other side.
The Squirrel Looked At Me
The squirrel looked at me, and we made eye contact.
The squirrel is climbing up the tree trunk.
The squirrel is climbing up the tree trunk.
Another view of the squirrel running up the tree.
Another view of the squirrel running up the tree.

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  1. The squirrel did not seem interested in being that close to me, but the fact that it allowed me to take its picture was quite surreal. I have never seen a squirrel that allowed me to get that close, and I grew up in the mountains where were tons of grey squirrels. I suspect people might occasionally feed this squirrel, and he is less wild than a creature who lives in the woods.

  2. Gosh i missed this one too! OK-We have a ton of grey squirrels. I love it because on my hubby’s heraldic shield, instead of a lion on top or ostrich feathers…it’s a squirrel:)

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