My Zazzlemade Giraffe Shirt

My #zazzlemade shirt has a reprint of my #giraffe #coloredpencil #drawing.  I am #Bearie23 on Zazzle.

Here I am wearing my Zazzlemade giraffe shirt with a black skirt. I really do not get excited about many companies, but I certainly do love Zazzle because it has enabled me to create shirts with my artwork printed on the front. I have not been paid by Zazzle to say this by the way, I just happen to love how they allow us to create such great shirts. Also, if you want to find clothes that are made in the USA, Zazzle allows you to print images on shirts made by American Apparel. I like how this company has factories that make shirts here, so my little Zazzle shirts mean a lot to me. Also, this giraffe shirt is one of many animal shirts I have created, and you can see more of my illustrations on apparel by looking up Bearie23 over on Zazzle.

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