N Is For The Not Finished Drawing of Annie Cat

I still have not finished the drawing of Annie cat.
I still have not finished the drawing of Annie cat.

Unfortunately, the word unfinished does not start with an N, but this is the second letter in this word. I really could not think about what to write about for the letter N, but I really need to work on my drawing a bit more. However, in the comments Aya Katz pointed out the Not Finished starts with an N, so I decided to change the title of this post. I liked her suggestion. The fun part about blog comments is people leave great ideas and suggestions.  Plus, I like visiting other blogs to see what people are up to.

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    1. Writing can definitely be a time consuming task. I have a novel I finished in rough draft form, but I have never revisited it.

  1. “Not finished” starts with an “N” and that is good enough! I think adhering to the requirement of writing about something because it begins with a particular letter must get tedious after a while. It is more fun to write about what we are thinking about at the moment.

    I love your not-yet-finished drawing of Annie cat. The trees in the background are particularly striking!

    1. That is true about not finished starting with an N. I am running out of ideas on some letter days. It is cool to see how committed some are to thinking up blog posts for each letter, and some days I am just not that motivated. I agree with how we should write about what is on our mind, which is why I am trying to do that, but just find a way to make it apply to the letter. I think perhaps I will change the title for this post per your suggestion. I like this.

  2. I have a lot of not-finished projects that really need my attention. One of which is not drawing because I can’t draw a straight line. The artist (who did the illustrations for my first and only children’s book) often photographed little teasers ~ pencil sketching, partial colored scene, … which I find fun to watch as she develops her work. So, you might like to incorporate your not-finished drawings more often in your posts to draw more interest from your readers. 😀

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