O Is For Orange Lantana

Today I was riding my bike home and I spotted a bush with orange flowers that have several different shades of this hue. Some parts of the flower are red-orange, and other parts are more of a bright orange.  These vibrant flowers were growing next to the base of a palm tree, which is one of my favorite things to photograph and draw.

Orange lantana flowers growing next to the base of a palm tree.
Orange lantana flowers growing next to the base of a palm tree.

I like the contrast of the ridges on the gray trunk of the palm tree juxtapose to the vibrant hue of the lantana flowers.

Above is a short video I captured of the lantana flowers with my phone. Every day it surpises how good the modern cameras are on phones in comparison to the flip phones of ten years ago.

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  1. O is also for Big Orange Country as in the Tennessee Vols! 😀 The various shades of orange looks so pretty against the green. Smartphones are amazing devices. I often tease DH by saying, “Wow, you captured some good pictures with your camera today and it makes calls, too!” lol I love the advancement of technology. Our iPhones are more powerful than many personal computers of 10+ years ago. Now, that’s something to ponder on, eh? Keep enjoying your biking and photographing sessions!

    1. I like how the camera on this cell phone is almost as good as a regular camera. I will have to pop over to your blog to see what you wrote about for the letter O.

    1. We have had spring like weather here in California all winter, but the flowers are finally blooming more this month. I am glad the rest of the country is finally getting spring like weather.

  2. Those are beautiful lantana flowers at the base of the palm tree! It is very convenient to use a cell phone as a camera. And no matter what the day brings, flowers do brighten it!

    1. I like my regular camera, but it was always a chore lugging it around. The cell phone is handy for when I am out and about and do not want to bring the camera.

  3. We used to have red and pink lantana growing in the front yard, but lost it during a bad frost a few years ago. I think it’s a drought resistant plant. I should go learn more.

        1. I have a small balcony, and I do grow morning glories in a pot. I just did not know if lantana would do well in one, but that is a good idea to try.

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