P Is For A Vegan Potato Bake

Vegan potato bakes are something I enjoy making for dinner. Yes, it takes time to chop up potatoes and fresh vegetables, but these just taste so much better than the frozen potatoes sold at the store. Also, the ingredients are fresh, and no weird preservatives are added.

During the day I might have a hummus salad, a smoothie, or a bean burrito, but sometimes in the late winter and early spring when it is still chilly at night,  I also enjoy making a vegan potato bake because of the aroma it adds to the house. Baking warms up the kitchen, which is a plus since is it usually still chilly in late March an early April. Since I live on a budget I discovered the a plant based lifestyle has saved me even more money over the last couple of years then when I used to buy fish and chicken, and I can make potatoes that are more tasty than what is served in a restaurant.

Today I made a potato bake topped with salsa.
Today I made a potato bake topped with salsa.



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    1. I eat a ton of potatoes and do really well with these, but I understand. I am no longer eating any other starches like bread, and only rice and tortillas once a week, so I eat potatoes in place of bread. It just works well for my digestion. A lot of people do well on starch solution diets promoted by Dr. McDougal. I consume more vegan protein in the form of beans than he recommends, but I really do like the idea of eating natural starches like potatoes over bread.

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