P Is For The Little Palm Tree

Today I rode my bike down a trail I like to take home. On this trail I photographed a little palm tree, which is located near a red rose bush.

A little palm tree spotted on the walking trail.
A little palm tree spotted on the walking trail.


This video shows the simple beauty of this small fan palm next to the rose bush. My California dream is admiring the simple beauty of things like palm trees and roses in spring. Anyone can appreciate these things, and spending time in nature is free.

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  1. How right you are .. the simple things in life are free and we can dwell amongst them … the palm leaves are incredible works of art .. and thanks for your visit … cheers Hilary

    1. I learned over the last few years to focus on simple things, like photographing and drawing palm trees. I just find when I worry about extraneous things, like making more money, I never felt at peace. Sure people need money to live, but I want to also feel a bit of stability and peace by focusing on the positive things in life.

  2. You watch outside I watch in the garden – it is I agree whole heartedly a better state of mind to find, LIFE with all its man made problems can slip into perspective when nature is allowed in – splendid a-z you are doing – did enjoy my visit over here – your cat is a cat after my Younger Cat’s heart (younger Cat is 13 now but still a kitten and looks down or away every time I try and get a photo!

    1. It is nice having different shades of green all around the roses. I always see something new when I ride my bike down the trail.

  3. Palms and roses. Once upon a time I thought it was odd to see dry plants next to water-loving ones. The Mama has that companionship going on a lot in her flower garden. Roses and jade plants. Roses and cute little cactuses (cacti?). Maybe the dry-loving plants help the roses need less water.

    1. I like going on this trail with all the interesting roses and palm trees, but it would be cool to experiment in a real garden. It sounds like you guys grow some wonderful things :).

  4. I love the fan palms. They make for great photos, too. Have you been up in the canyons to the oasis out in Anza Borrego State Park (it looks like you are in So Cal)?

    1. I have been to Anza Borrego many years ago, but I live near Loma Linda. Fan palms are very beautiful to photograph and look at. Unfortunately, only one type of fan palm is native to SoCal, and I wish they planted more of this one.

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