Late Summer In Southern California

I said I was going to take some time away from blogging, but the truth is I am beginning to miss it, so I decided to update this photography blog with my latest adventures. So what does late summer look like here in Southern California. Who are a few pictures I took on a walk the other day.

During my walk I captured some photographs of trees and flowers in the late summer. I quite enjoy this walking path, and even made a short video of my journey down it.

As I continued to walk along the bike/walking trail, I could not help but think why have they not finished the thing.

Walking On The Trail






Eventually the trail comes to an end and I continued my journey along the sidewalk. I was moved by the large American flag swaying in the wind with the San Bernardino Mountains as a backdrop, so I just had to photograph this.


Also, I captured a short video of the flag swaying in the wind, which is one of the perks of having the San Bernardino Mountains as the vista on the horizon. The late summer here in Southern California is quite lovely, and I am glad we are warm and sunny unlike other parts of the world that are dipping into the chilly portions of fall.


Irina The Cat Hanging Out

Irina the cat has been doing all the things that cats do best, such as taking cat naps and just hanging out around the house. She stares at you with her hypnotic citrine eyse, and you feel hypnotized by her presence. Sometimes Irina seems more like a dog though because you can look her straight on in the orbs, and she will walk over to you. Other cats are more evasive than Irina, but I noticed when I make eye cannot with her, that she comes to me just like my dogs Buster and Lady used to. Her meow is also loud and vocal, and a bit more like a dog than a cat in some ways. Most cats I have had in the past were not very vocal, but Irina sure makes her presence known.

I also created these cute little video capturing Irina in action, and when she was taking a nap in the early morning sunlight. She is a stunning animal to behold, an I will never grow tired of capturing her on film and video.

Sunset In Southern California

Here is some of the imagery I captured of a recent sunset here in Southern California. I enjoyed looking at the orange hues in the sky above Mount Baldy, but the sky was also a bit overcast when looking towards the San Bernardino Mountains. It rained the next day, so that is why there were storm clouds in the sky. Also, it I captured a picture of some landscaped flowers, and wild sunflowers growing in a field. I thought about cross the street to take a picture of the sunflowers up close, but I decided against it since there is not cross walk in this location. Below I also included a short video of the sunset behind Mount Baldy. This was not the most brilliant sunset Southern California has ever witnessed, but I thought it was a nice one all the same.

Irina The Cat

Irina the cat sitting on her chair. Back in July of 2013.

Irina the black cat looks so content sitting on her chair next to the basil and tomato plants. I love capturing Irina at different moments, and the picture of her looking directly into the camera lense is perhaps my favorite. Sometimes I have to take several pictures before I am able to capture the moment in time that I feel most strongly about.

Many Different Shades of Morning Glories

During the month of August I have been enjoying a profusion of color with many different shades morning glories from blue-violet, magenta, light blue, and white. I planted a few seeds from a dollar package of mixed colored morning glories, and I have to say with daily watering this has been a great investment with the beauty these flowers provide each morning when I wake up.

Morning Glories In The Summer


Morning glories are resplendent and vibrant on the vine.

Get up early in the morning, and you get to look upon these blooms that are divine.

Every morning I enjoy getting up and looking at the magnificent morning glory blooms.  It is one of my favorite rituals these days, but you have to catch these flowers before noon!