4 Replies to “Photo of Me In 1982”

  1. So cute! And your hair was so long for that age! In our family, our hair does not grow nearly that long when we are three. I have looked at pictures of both me and my daughter at that age. The hair is much shorter, and it was before our first hair cut.

    1. I think my mom trimmed my hair a few times, but I always had long hair. I actually liked having long hair, and it was not until I got to college that I felt I had to cut my hair. My family did not understand because when I was in school I always wanted to have long hair, but then the comments of a few college friends made me feel like I had to change my appearance. It was a learning experience, but in the last ten years I realized I like having my hair long. It is a bit longer now in the last few years, but that is just me, I guess.

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