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Privacy is an important here at Sweetbearies Art Photography. This site is devoted sharing my art photography, and all images are copyrighted by me.  Here are a few things to keep in mind when visiting this site.

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If you decide to post a comment on this site, it will display your email address and IP address to the site administrator. Also, your url address will be displayed, if you decide to provide this information in your comment. Your website url will also be displayed to those viewing the website, when and if your comment is approved, but your name and email address will be hidden from public view. This information is used by the site administration to determine if a comment should be sent to the spam file, or if it is an on topic comment that should be displayed on our website. We love to give a link back to legitimate websites who link to us in the comments, but we will send all self-promotional and off topic comments to the spam file. Please keep this in mind when considering the comments you post on this blog. All info provided by those making comments remains confidential for the purposes of the site administrator approving or disapproving comments, and will never be shared with third parties.

Log Files:

Log files are used to collect the geographical location, the Internet browser, referring sites, and key words people use to reach our site. This information is used to create articles that will appeal to the key words searches that come here to Sweetbearies Art Photography. For instance, if we have a large number of people searching for photography of the San Bernardino Mountains, then we may write more of these types of hats. If we notice that not many people are interested in a certain product, then we may not post as much about that in the future.

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Sweetbearies Art Photography uses cookies to allow the website administrator to determine how frequently each page is visited, and to determine which pages tend to be the most popular with those who visit our site.

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Our website is serviced by Google Adsense, which uses DART cookies to determine ads that will be of the best service to our visitors. For instance, visitors in Australia might see ads for local stores and services, but people in North America will see ads that are more pertinent to their location. Users are able to avoid seeing Google ads while browsing the net by visiting:

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