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    1. Thanks, Aya. I love the view in the turnout point. When I was younger I never understood why people took pictures there, but now I get it.

  1. I’ve been on this road a few times; it is a pretty view. There’s a few sections of it I’m not fond of (I don’t like heights and winding roads( but it really is pretty! I could never drive it though and never at night!


    1. The drove up the Rim is about a four-thousand foot rise in elevation, and the views are amazing. The Rim of the World Highway is the name of the road.

    1. I really love the view from the Rim. I will have to go back to your blog to see what else you have been writing about. It is a lot of work this A to Z Challenge, but it is quite fun.

  2. Did you just snap it and post here, or did you use any effects? Incredible stuff. Great exploitation of the vehicle’s speed, if this is just an undoctored pic.

    1. I photographed the pictures using the vivid mode on my camera, but that is the only thing I did. It was just a nice clear day, so nature worked with me :).

  3. I’ll add those shots are all amazing. I want to go there. You have such incredible scenery all over the States. The skyscrapers put the fear of God in me, but this stuff is often overlooked and not talked up enough. Puts a smile on one’s face.

    1. The skyscrapers are more of a New York and Los Angeles thing. Maybe they have a couple in local cities, but in Southern California things are still spread out with lots of open land. And, you are near forest and deserts, so there are a lot of wilderness spots.

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