S Is For Smoothie

Strawberries Sliced On A Green Smoothie
Today the letter S is for smoothie. This particular smoothie was created by opening a fresh coconut and pureeing the meat and water to make coconut milk. Next, I added bananas, spinach, peaches, and a teaspoon of tahini. Once I pureed all the ingredients to a smooth consistency, I diced a few strawberries and placed these on the top of the smoothie. It looked quite stunning sitting next to the opened coconut. Some people think green smoothies do not look appetizing, but I have always felt the opposite. The strawberries sliced on the top of the smoothie added a pleasing contrast to the verdant shade of this concoction.

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14 Replies to “S Is For Smoothie”

  1. I don’t usually like smoothies, but this one does look so inviting! That is a very creative photo, too. I like how you show the coconut beside the drink and it is placed on a bench out of doors.

    1. Thing photograph nicer in natural lighter, with my camera anyway. Smoothies are not for everyone, but some days I do like them. I find when I make a smoothie it fills me up so I can do other stuff, and not fuss with making a meal.

    1. Hi Marie.

      The cool thing about the smoothie is you cannot taste the spinach, but it helps to counter balance the sweetness of the other fruits. It also adds a bit of extra fiber. Tahini is sesame seed paste and since I really am not of fan of adding yogurt to smoothies, but some people do that, I like peanut butter or tahini for making the smoothie creamy.

    1. I wish I lived near the beach, but I simply live in a place with a lot of green landscaping and palm trees here in Southern California. It is pretty in its own way, but a smoothie on the beach would be amazing.

  2. Hi J .. I don’t usually go for smoothies .. not sure why, as when I do have one they’re delicious .. and I do love fresh veggies and fruits .. that looks very good – and I really need to ‘learn more’ about coconuts at some stage .. cheers Hilary

    1. I rarely buy coconuts that are fresh, which is why I photographed this one when I made the smoothie. Today you can buy the almond coconut milk at the store, and I usually use that. It is a bit more convenient. Cracking open a coconut is not easy.

  3. I’d like to wear something in that vibrant color combination. The combination of the foods sound delicious. I like smoothies. If I had a better juicer (meaning without so many parts), I think I would make more for the Husband and me.

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