S Is For The Santa Fe Depot

This Santa Fe Depot is no longer in operation here in Redlands, but I think it is still amazing train stop to walk around and admire the architecture. I like to imagine a time back when people boarded the train here, and I think it would be so convenient to have a train stopping here again. Here are a few pictures I took of the Santa Fe Depot here in Redlands.

Self-portrait at the Santa Fe Depot.

Here is a video I created of the Santa Fe Depot in Redlands.

8 Replies to “S Is For The Santa Fe Depot”

    1. Thanks for following me, Debi! I will have to go and follow you as well. As beautiful as this depot is, it is just sad because it is no longer in use. I wish they would reopen the building as a restaurant or something.

  1. That’s a cool looking depot! Shame it isn’t in service any more! I wonder if they called all the depots Santa Fe that connected with the railroads because that’s the one down here is called too.


    1. You are right Betty. The Santa Fe Depot used to run through here, so that is why all the depots are called Santa Fe. I really wish they would make this railroad functional again.

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