4 Replies to “Snowy Mountain Near Sunset”

  1. You’re going to think this is strange, but the thing I am most drawn to in this photo is the bright red tail lights on that white car! They just jump out at me from the photo, like the eyes of some cat on a dark night. I think this effect is brought about by the fact that the camera is focused on that car, whereas everything else is out of focus and therefore back-grounded. Even those gorgeous mountain peaks can’t distract me from the tail lights. And while I can tell the car is supposed to be white, its real color is more grey, in most of the spots that don’t have highlights. That’s why the “red eyes” just pop out! It would be really something to try to paint that and get the same effect.

    1. Cool observation. When I am out I capture images with my phone, so it might focus on what is closer. I would be interested to see your painting of this.

        1. I think you could come up with something new and interesting. I left a comment about how canning I think the dog in the photograph is to the painting in your latest blog post about Bow.

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