A Band-Tail Pigeon At The Top of A Scrub Oak Tree

A band-tail pigeon aloft a scrub oak tree.
As a visual representation, a zoomed out image of the band-tail pigeon at the top of a scrub oak tree with the Pinnacles in the background.
The band-tail pigeon glancing sideways.
The band-tail pigeon has a blue tip on its beak.
The band-tail pigeon wraps his talons around the oak branch to remain securely on top.
The band-tail pigeon is giving himself a bath.
There is a white stripe on the back of the band-tail pigeons neck.
Another view of the band-tail pigeon at the top of the scrub oak tree.
The band-tail pigeon is a grayish color with a hint of blue. This bird is indigenous to the San Bernardino Mountains, and other parts of the Pacific Coast in mountainous regions.