Ducks At Grass Valley Lake

Two American Pekin ducks swimming along at Grass Valley Lake.
The mallard ducks floating on the lake.
The head feathers of a duck are tousled by the wind.
The ducks are standing on the solar light island with water shimmering all around.
A closeup of the ducks on the solar light island.
Many ducks are swimming along the shimmery water.
Zoomed out view of Grass Valley Lake, with the little ducks visible on the water.
Another view of the ducks on Grass Valley Lake.
The two American Pekin ducks swimming in the distance.
One of the white ducks has green on its bill.
The orange flipper of a duck is visible through the water.
Ripples of water all around the American Pekin ducks as they paddle along.
The white duck on the right is sticking its bill in the water.
A view of the American Pekin ducks from the back.

It was quite difficult to film the ducks with the gusty wind gushing into my face since I forgot to bring a jacket on my walk, but I did put together a short video.