The Orange Hued Sunset

The orange hued sunset was yet another amazing Southern California delight. It is enjoyable to be up in the San Bernardino Mountains where the pylons and power lines are not obstructing the sunset view, but I still appreciate the beauty of the Inland Valley sky. The sky can be beautiful anywhere, you just have to look above the buildings.

The Orange Hued Sunset This orange hued sunset illuminates all of the clouds in the sky.

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The video shows this pleasant sunset in motion.


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  1. “The sky can be beautiful anywhere!” That is well said. If only we could keep the landscape below the sky beautiful, too!

    I love these photos. They look like paintings.

    1. I would prefer they are not building so much lately, but it is part of the donut hole controversy. Most cities around here like to keep open spaces, but a few years ago people who owned the donut hole area sold it to some developers who are ethical. Now they are building tons of shipping warehouses, and high rise apartments. No one here lives in high rise apartments, and the highest structures are usually below three feet. We are not LA, but some people would like us to look that way.

  2. These are great pictures! I love the 2 where the trees are off on the left and you see the orange-hued sky-reminds me of Van Gogh

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